Cradle of traditions and natural beauty


Steeped in Sardinia’s rich history and natural beauty, the Oristano area enchants visitors with its unique charm. Its ancient traditions, vibrant culture and breathtaking coastal beaches offer an unforgettable experience to anyone who sets foot there.

Discovering a land thousands of years old

History and culture

The Sartiglia

The Sartiglia is a star race run on the last Sunday and Tuesday of carnival in Oristano, where carnival and Sartiglia are practically synonymous.
It is one of the oldest equestrian events still held in the Mediterranean area and among the most choreographed forms of carnival in Sardinia and is the event par excellence in Oristano.

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Mont'e Prama

The most important archaeological discovery in the Mediterranean in the 20th century, which began in 1974, is shrouded in legend and continues to unearth finds. The 28 stone giants are the only stone statues that the Nuragic world has given us, as well as the oldest ‘in the round’ in the Mediterranean, dating back three thousand years.

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The Sinis Peninsula

The Sinis Peninsula is a fertile and happy land with ancient salt flats and ponds. Beaches, coves and a gulf have always welcomed those who go by sea. From Mont’e Prama starts the road to the Sinis diffuse museum a Natural Archaeological Park, telling the story of the development of a seven-thousand-year history, with the connections and evolutions between the various phases.

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A journey through time



The ancient settlement of Tharros stands at the tip of the Sinis Peninsula. It unfolds into the Gulf of Oristano on a kind of natural amphitheater bounded to the north by the hill of Su Murru Mannu, to the west by that of the tower of San Giovanni, and to the south by the isthmus connecting the latter to the promontory of Capo San Marco. Tharros was founded in the late 8th century B.C. and was abandoned around the year 1050 A.D. to give rise to Aristiane, present-day Oristano. An important protohistoric village (Middle Bronze Age) is still visible today.

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Fordongianus thermal bath

There are three spa locations in Fordongianus, and in each of them you can have a completely different experience. Of these, only one is of recent construction while the other two have centuries or even thousands of years of history: we are talking about ancient Roman baths, nineteenth-century baths, and spa establishment with pools and spa. Ideally, combine all three to get the full Fordongianus spa experience. The well-being of the spa combined with the mild climate of Sardinia and the historical and cultural attractions of this land will make your spa stay unique and unforgettable.

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Santa Cristina Well

The greatest Nuragic masterpiece. The well temple is the greatest architectural expression of the Nuragic civilization dating back some 3,000 years, but it looks as if it were built today, with its squared boulders, perfectly interlocked with perfect geometry. Located near Paulilatino, it is the island’s most representative sacred well where stories, legends and truths are intertwined.
In the month of September (21 to 23 at 12 noon) and in the month of March (18 to 21 at 11 a.m.) at the equinoxes, the sun perfectly illuminates the bottom of the well passing through the stairwell.

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Adrenaline and passion

Outdoor sports

Mountain bike

Exploring Sardinia by mountain bike is a great way to immerse yourself in its wilderness. There are plenty of bicycle routes through its breathtaking coastline and lesser-known inland corners. Spring and autumn are magical times to admire its scenic beauty with eyes full of nature and feet on the pedals. Winter also brings sunny days and mild temperatures ideal for active vacations with your bike.

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Sheer cliffs, canyons, caves, waterfalls. The most popular Sardinian hiking routes are developed over several days of walking through impervious and deserted areas, often reserved for experienced trekkers. EEA-rated treks require careful assessment of ability and physical condition, verification of weather, appropriate equipment and communication facilities. Marking and marking of trails are not always timely, sometimes sketchy, so the accompaniment of guides is essential.

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The sailboat is one of the means by which to get to the most secret and secluded stretches of coastline, hidden coves between fjords to be discovered, enchanting cliffs and crags to be admired coast to coast, sand dunes and Caribbean beaches to be reached by swimming and canoeing. Days on a sailboat flow like this, among memorable patches of Eden set for unforgettable sunsets. It is an exhilarating and fantastic way to experience the sea of Sardinia, elected by boaters as a paradise of beauty, where boredom is banished.

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