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A haven of flavors, nature and warm hospitality

Ros’e Mari is not just a place, but an experience that celebrates the enchantment of Sardinia and the genuine soul of Oristanese. Here, every moment becomes a precious memory, a story to take with you, a witness to our dedication to offer you not only a stay, but a journey into the essence of local flavors with a touch of innovation, to the warm and familiar hospitality that makes you feel immediately at home, in an environment where tradition, sustainability and hospitality come together to perfection.


Taste and nature come together in a boundless culinary journey.


Discover Oristanese from a unique perspective: stay in the elegance of our Green Home Hotel.


Cozy, multi-purpose rooms, state-of-the-art facilities, helpful and professional staff, and the ability to organize small and large events, meetings, and trade shows.


Your wedding: a special event deserves a special location.


Discover the magic of Sardinia, explore our Experience page and let yourself


From the land to the table: experience the genuine flavor of our crops.

My peasant origins lead me to have a strong inclination toward sharing and welcoming.
Having people around is as rewarding as having plants around. In a green environment, people are greeted by a positive energy.

It is impossible to resist this call when you are sitting in the green, even alone in silence, and are enveloped by the rustle of plants, the scents of the vegetable garden and the garden.

Ever since I was a child, I have breathed this air and continue to treasure it. I think others feel the same way, I realize.

My dream is to be able to make the farm a usable park for those who want to get lost in the green.

Vision and passion

Story of a rebirth

Ros’e Mari is a family business, a fact that is reflected in every aspect of the organization.
In the course of restoring and opening the elegant spaces for the restaurant, hotel and events, the family has invested significantly in terms of time, energy, vision and commitment.

Owners Gian Michele Pilo and Lucia Schirru are the driving force behind Ros’e Mari Farm and Greenhouse. While Davide Schirru (Lucia’s nephew) who is passionate about wine plays a key role in hospitality and events.
Loredana Schirru (Lucia’s sister) is a key asset in her role as pastry chef.

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